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SSSR/RRA Archives Created by Jeffery Hadden. This site contains information about past SSSR/RRA meetings, as well as minutes, reports and other archival materials.

Association of the Sociology of Religion The Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) is an international scholarly association that seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion.

ASR Bibliographical Database A 35,000 entry searchable database of nearly all major works in the sociology of religion online. Originated by Tony Blasi.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research Administered by Scott Thumma, this site has extensive resources for the social scientific study of religion, including online articles, religious statistics, research resources, and links to the web pages of many scholars working in the fields of sociology of religion and religion research.

Sociologists of Religion This alphabetic list of sociologists of religion compiled and maintained by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, also includes people from other academic disciplines who engage in social scientific research of religious phenomena.

Religious Research Association Maintained by Scott Thumma of Hartford Seminary, this is the web site of the organization that traditionally meets with SSSR each autumn.

Association of Religion Data Archives Created by Roger Finke, Pennsylvania State University. This site makes many data sets on religion available to researchers.

Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion The Baylor Institute exists to initiate, support, and conduct research on religion, involving scholars and projects spanning the intellectual spectrum: history, psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, political science, epidemiology, theology, and religious studies. Our mandate extends to all religions, everywhere, and throughout history. It also embraces the study of religious effects on such things as prosocial behavior, family life, population health, economic development, and social conflict. While always striving for appropriate scientific objectivity, our scholars treat religion with the respect that sacred matters require and deserve.

Berman Jewish Policy Archive The Berman Jewish Policy Archive (BJPA) at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service aspires to become the central electronic address for everyone with an interest in Jewish communal policy.

The BJPA offers a vast collection of policy–relevant research and analysis on Jewish life to the public, free of charge. Its searchable archive spans from the early twentieth century into the twenty–first, and is bridging into the future with continually updated print and web–based sources.

British Association for the Study of Religions (BASR), formerly the British Association for the History of Religions (founded in 1954), is affiliated to the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR), whose object is the promotion of the academic study of religions through the international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject. The BASR pursues these aims within the United Kingdom through the arrangement of conferences and symposia, the publication of a Bulletin and an Annual General Meeting.

Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University This Center has been conducting applied social science research on the Catholic Church since 1964. The site includes links to CARA publications and current research, as well as an index of its quarterly newsletter, published since 1995.

Center for Atheist Research Atheists and other secularists who have a naturalistic worldview have been understudied by the social sciences. The Center for Atheist Research was founded to address this omission, and seeks to give individuals the chance to contribute their perspective on topics within the psychology and sociology of atheism and secularity by participating in Internet–accessible academic research.

Center for Media, Religion and Culture The Center for Media, Religion and Culture is an academic unit devoted to research, teaching, and outreach focused on the interaction between the worlds of "religion" and "the media." We are also part of a growing international network of scholars who are working to develop a field of scholarship and greater public understanding of how religion, spiritualities, and the range of practices that have traditionally fit under those labels are evolving in the media age.

Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture Indiana University Center based at IUPUI, in Indianapolis. Runs the Young Scholars in American Religion program and publishes the journal Religion and American Culture. SSSR is currently housed in the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture.

Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life Supported by grants from the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Lilly Endowment, at Trinity College. This site contains a range of resources relevant to religion and the press, religion and politics, and related issues.

CESNUR Center for Studies on New Religions This site, created by Massimo Intiovigne contains a wealth of information on new religious movements throughout the world.

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures (EWIC) Scholars Database The EWIC Scholars Database is an invaluable listeng of over 3,000 scholars from all over the world and from all disciplines whose work focuses on women, gender, and islamic cultures from a broad culturally–based rather than theologically–based perspective. Funded by a grant from the International Development Research Center.

Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture ISSSC, at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, was established in 2005 to
advance understanding of the role of secular values and the process of
secularization in contemporary society and culture. Nonpartisan and
multidisciplinary, the Institute conducts academic research, sponsors
curriculum development, and presents public events.

International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) The International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) serves to promote the academic study of religions through the international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject.

International Society for the Sociology of Religion The International Society for the Sociology of Religion aims to advance knowledge in the sociology of religion and in all the related fields of the social sciences.

Journal of Contemporary Religion is an international journal concerned with the discussion and analysis of contemporary aspects of religion, focusing on significant trends, developments, and processes of the past 20–30 years.

Louisville Institute The Louisville Institute is a Lilly Endowment program for the study of American religion based at Louisville Seminary. The Louisville Institute offers funding through a number of grant programs designed to assist different groups of institutions and individuals in furthering its mission to enrich the religious life of American Christians and to encourage the revitalization of their institutions.

New Religion Movements Created by Jeffery Hadden, University of Virginia. This site contains profiles of a number of new religious movements, as well as links to official NRM pages, anti–cult pages and scholarly sources on NRM's.

New Religious Movements Links Published by Graduate Theological Union Library. This site contains links to a variety of sites on New Religious Movements.

PARAL is a network of scholars committed to a comparative study of religion among the people of Latin American heritage living in the United States. Working through task forces and funding for specific projects, PARAL seeks to enrich the understanding of religion's impact on Latinos and Latinas.

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life seeks to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs.

As part of its mission to explore the role religion plays in American public life, the Pew Forum develops and releases an annual survey ( on religion and public life. In addition, the Forum periodically commissions shorter polls on particularly timely issues. Many of the surveys listed below are joint projects of the Pew Forum and the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press (http://people–

Psychology of Religion Page By Michael W. Nielsen, Georgia Southern University. This site features a wide range of resources on the psychology of religion.

Religion– This site includes the full text of works by religious studies scholars.

Religious Freedom Created by Jeffrey Hadden, University of Virginia. This site contains information on religious freedom throughout the world.

Sociology of Religion Resources from University of Aberdeen Developed in 2014/2015, a new archive of sociology of religion resources with special emphasis on bibliographies.

Wabash Center The Wabash Center seeks to strengthen and enhance the teaching and learning of theology an religion in higher education settings in the United States and Canada. This site includes information on grant opportunities designed to further this mission.

WorldWide Religious News This is a searchable data base of religious news throughout the world. It is especially strong with regard to information about new religious movements and religious freedom issues.

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